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Arbor Cosa Nostra Snowboard

Credits to The House

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Arbor Cosa Nostra Snowboard Review

Just received my Arbor Cosa Nostra Snowboard. I'm amazed with this freestyle boards!

Arbor Cosa Nostra Snowboard Description

20 years ago, Arbor pioneered the wood-topped snowboard and ever since, theya (TM) ve paired this aesthetic with an environmentally conscious approach to snowboard production. The Cosa Nostra packs these foundational characteristics and core values into a premium gun shaped plank for the powder sensei. Arbor combine thier love for the white room with their love for the environment by building every Cosa Nostra with a unique, reclaimed wood top-sheet using trimmings left over from years of production runs.* Premium Inlaid Power Ply Top * Arrowhead Tip * Stainless Steel Tip Protector 2x4 14-Pack Inserts * Reclined Parabolic Rocker * Highland Core Mixed Glassing * Carbon Strut * 360 Rails * Sintered Base * Three Year Warranty * Directional * Medium Flex * Intermediate to Advanced