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NB Red Shoe Horn Large

Credits to Schuler Shoes

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NB Red Shoe Horn Large Review

NB Red Shoe Horn Large rocks! I am gonna buy them also for my mom!

NB Red Shoe Horn Large Description

NB Red Shoe Horn Large by Hickory is a great product. A shoehorn for comfort and ease-of-use! This extra-long shoehorn minimizes the amount of bending you have to do to fit your shoes correctly. Ideal for arthritis and other joint conditions, as well as athletic injuries or any discomfort caused by bending the knees. Works with most shoes and shoe brands. Features Include: 1 high, 1.5 wide, heavy duty construction, designed to last, standing design for changing or fitting shoes with minimal bending, fits in most closets and can be stored on wall hangers, ideal for use in large lockers at gyms and schools.